Schwarz auf Weiss


Excellent orchestra with original projects, BERG Orchestra performs primarily 20th century and contemporary music. It has presented dozens of world premieres, most of them direct commissions with contemporary Czech composers, and many more Czech premieres by world renowned composers. Music is often combined with other art forms, such as film, pantomime, or video art, concerts take place in venues outside the traditional concert hall. Collaborations include National Theatre in Prague, Strings of Autumn International Music Festival and many others.


A native of Slovakia, conductor Peter Vrabel lives and works in the Czech Republic. He founded the Berg Orchestra and is its artistic director up to present day. It is primarily to his credit that the orchestra has become a respected unique ensemble. Creator of original projects primarily for the BERG Orchestra, he collaborates also with the National Theatre in Prague and other Czech orchestras. He is the recipient of the Gideon Klein Prize. In 2010 he was commended for artistic excellence and the promotion of Czech music by the Czech section of the International Music Council of UNESCO.